RECORDIT.NU is a distribution company specialized in Call Recording, Voice Recording and network FaxServer solutions.
We represent the Dutch manufacture Vidicode Datacommunicatie Bv, the Israelian company CIS and the Italian company Imagicle on the Scandinavian market.
We offer a wide range of different products and solutions for recording your phone calls, starting from a single Plug&Play very easy installed call recorder up to the large centralized recording servers for bigger enterprise companies.

In the portfolio we have solutions fitted for both customer service- and call centers, financial institutions as well as for general compliance and confirmation of agreements


We are present

RECORDIT.NU cherish the personal relationships and our presence is not just electronically, but especially physically. Therefore we meet both our clients on the phone, by mail and in the meeting room – with them or with us.

Our strong customer focus provide longterm relationships, which ultimately leads to better solutions.


We are together all the way down the  (it) road

Depending on requirements , we ensure that our solutions will be integrated into the company. It concerns both the establishment of the necessary equipment, connection to existing IT and staff training . RECORDIT.NU have own technicians which can be used as needed. This makes us very flexible and gives you as customer a guarantee that support and guidance is available when needed .


When truth to be told

By being close to our customers and constantly searching for the best solutions, we have acquired a great knowledge of how businesses today can have the most benefit from voice recording, for each employee, customer and management. A voice recording system is therefore not an expense but an investment in getting better employees, and better documentation of agreements – to the delight of the customer relationship and its economy. This applies whether the company uses landline or mobile phone solutions .


That being said and written. Make sure that the most important being filed – in other words: RECORDIT.NU


Please download our company presentation.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions, inquiries or maybe a demo.

Phone 0045 70 22 36 38 or email salg@recordit.nu.



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